Let’s build a workplace culture that makes life’s transitions easier, not harder

Even the most generous employee benefits can fall flat if people feel misunderstood in the moments that matter to them. Find out how our employee wellbeing programmes spark supportive, empathetic cultures that make challenging times feel manageable.

Our areas of support

Proactive & sustainable wellbeing

Compassion in the workplace

Parenthood & caregiving

Women's health

Loss & grief

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Sustainable wellbeing starts with quick wins

A company-wide culture shift takes time, but that doesn’t mean wellbeing programmes should feel like a waiting room.

Designed for fast-paced professionals and results-driven firms, our webinars, workshops and coaching sessions deliver instant gains and lay the foundation for lasting change. Your people will walk out of each session with strategies that are easy to execute, not easy to forget.


Why us?

Joined-up approach

What we want is to complement what you're already offering - not replace it. Our programmes trigger the uptake and amplify the impact of your existing benefits.

Fresh formats

We innovate on all fronts, marrying human and digital support channels for maximum engagement - because everyone learns and engages differently.

APAC experts

Culturally nuanced to the core, our programmes hit the right note with diverse audiences thanks to our APAC-wide experience and diverse coaches.

It's time to seal the cracks in workplace wellbeing

  • 1 in 3

    Employees in Asia are experiencing symptoms of burnout - higher than the global average1

  • 20x

    Working parents who don't feel burnt out are 20 times more likely to want to stay in their job2

  • 88%

    Of menopausal women would like workplaces to be better set up to support women navigating menopause3

  • 1 in 3

    Of managers are scared of using the wrong language around mental health and other DEI issues4

  • 3 in 4

    Working fathers feel that there is not enough workplace support for dads5


1: Source: McKinsey, 2022 / 2 : Source: Great Place to Work and Maven, 2020 / 3: Source: Gen-M, 2021 / 4: Source: Verizon Media, 2021 / 5: Source: Unilever and Promundo, 2018

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