1:1 Work-life coaching in the moments that matter

Personalised guidance to help busy people feel, think and perform at their best – even through testing times.

Personalised support when it matters most

Imagine going through personal and professional transitions with a custom-made roadmap in hand. Work-life coaches work with you to find a better way forward – with clarity, purpose and motivation. Our coaches have the corporate experience and niche credentials to support professionals in the following scenarios:


Working parenthood & caregiving

Back to work after baby

Midlife shifts

Grief & loss

Career transitions

Compassionate leadership

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Coaching sessions for private clients

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Work-life coaching FAQs

The challenges we experience inside and outside of work are often interconnected, and so are the solutions. We work on that connection, coaching people across both areas with a whole-person approach. For example, when we’re identifying goals, these could fall into the domains of health and wellbeing, workplace communication, or even your support system at home.

Moments that Matter is a provider or employee support programmes for Fortune 500 companies. Our coaches specialise in helping busy professionals who work in high-performance environments, regardless of their seniority level. We also work privately with people who reach out to us through our corporate work, or through our childbirth education platform Urban Hatch

Aside from their solid credentials and corporate experience, what’s unique about our coaches is their niche expertise in specific work and life adjustments. Whether you’re a working parent, navigating midlife shifts, or settling into a new leadership role, we’re able to match you with the right coach for that transition. In line with our whole-person approach, many of our coaches have a corporate background combined with formal training in physical, mental or emotional health.

Coaching and counselling are not substitutes for each other. They are better seen as complementary, or as alternatives depending on the challenges you’re facing, your goals, and the type of support you are seeking.

For example, coaching might be a better fit if your focus is on improved performance and/or navigating challenges by strengthening or developing optimal behaviours. If you’re struggling with a diagnosable mental health disorder, counselling would be necessary instead of (or in addition to) coaching.

Within organisations, coaching programmes don’t compete with EAPs – they usually work on different fronts, or play complementary roles. For instance, coaching may reveal a need for counselling support. 

Our 1:1 work-life coaching programmes feed into organisations’ employee wellbeing, inclusion, and L&D initiatives. Progressive employers often turn to us when they want to:
– Level up their targeted wellbeing support for specific subgroups
– Showcase inclusion by offering needs-based (rather than seniority-based) access to 1:1 coaching
– Add a human dimension to L&D and leadership programmes 

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