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We help caring workplaces turn culture into action with impactful webinars, coaching and digital programmes that support people in the moments that matter.

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& sustainable wellbeing

In-the-moment support doesn’t just kick in overnight. A supportive culture has to be proactively nurtured for it to come out in tough times and in everyday interactions. We offer ongoing programmes that cultivate wellbeing, empathy and connectedness in lasting ways.

Compassion in the workplace

Empathy & compassion at work

Empathy has a positive impact on employee wellbeing, engagement and the overall employee experience – yet it’s often seen as a personality trait that colleagues and leaders either have or lack. We help build empathetic workplace cultures by giving people at all seniority levels the soft skills they need to be able to practise compassion towards others and towards themselves.


Working parenthood
& caregiving

Whether it’s planning and raising a family, going on parental leave, or looking after elderly relatives, all caregiving comes with emotional and practical challenges. We give primary, secondary and future caregivers the expert advice, on-demand knowledge and peer support they need to sustain their wellbeing, at work and at home.

Women's health

Women’s health

Perimenopause, postpartum, menstrual health – many of the health transitions that can affect women’s well-being and work lives are still shrouded in taboos. Our expert-led webinars, workshops, and group coaching sessions replace stigma with awareness, practical strategies, and support.

Loss and grief

Loss & grief

Grieving a loss is never easy – whether you’ve lost a person, a relationship, a position, or an experience you’ve hoped long and hard for. Yet going through it with support and self-care can make all the difference. We equip people with eye-opening mindset shifts and practical strategies to make grit and growth part of their grieving journey.

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Break away from box-ticking

Every organisation wants the best for their staff, and many have sophisticated support resources in place. Yet only 1 in 4 people feel that their employer cares about their wellbeing (1). We help companies bridge this disconnect by showing up for their employees when they need it most – with the right support, at the right time.

Imagine a workplace where people at all seniority levels know how to support themselves and their teammates in the moments that matter.

Find a support format
for every need

Big believers in the power of human-to-human support, and keen innovators, our solutions toolkit combines expert-led live sessions with digital tools and content – because everyone learns differently.

Pick and choose from our carefully designed signature packages or help us co-create a bespoke programme that fits your business goals, corporate culture and employee needs.

We’ll give you and your people the assistance you’re ready for – and empower you take that extra step forward.


Trigger the takeup of what’s already in place

Self-service mental health apps and EAPs are of great help – to the people who take them up. But how do you get support to those who don’t? Our employee wellbeing programmes are designed to complement and amplify – not replace – the resources that our clients already have in place. We partner with DEI, L&D, HR and benefits teams to turn our programmes into a springboard of support.


Meet our experts

Behind Moments That Matter is a team of health, wellbeing and coaching specialists on a mission to level up workplace wellbeing and support. We bring together decades of professional experience in different niches, from parenting and emotional intelligence to women’s health and leadership coaching. Handpicked for their expertise and energy, our coaches know how to read and resonate with corporate audiences.


1: Source: Gallup, 2022.

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