Employee Wellbeing Awareness Days: August to October

Employee wellbeing is a year-round effort, but awareness days and specific times of year offer a great chance to spotlight specific wellbeing issues and build momentum. Mark these dates on your calendar and use them as a powerful hook by planning ahead.

Wellbeing Dates: August to October

  • 1-7 August: World Breastfeeding Week
  • August-September: Back to School in the Northern Hemisphere (relevant for caregivers and family networks)
  • 10 October: World Mental Health Day
  • Download the full list through the form below!

How could you commemorate these dates in your company? Awareness raising events that spark new conversations on the hallway are a great way to create a buzz. They’re also a timely opportunity to launch new employee initiatives or signpost people to existing resources that are not getting great take-up (maybe a Mental Health Day event to revive interest in your EAP?).

Download our Employee Wellbeing Calendar: August to October 2023 for a full list of awareness days to mark in your calendar, plus suggested sessions and workshops to commemorate them.

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Download PDF: Wellbeing Days August to October 2023

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