Mid-Year Reset: Micro-strategies to recharge for the second half of the year

Remember the wellbeing goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year? Whether you’ve been good, or held back by work and life, chances are: you could use a mid-year energy and motivation boost to stay (or get back) on track. 

We believe that micro steps in the right direction are all you need to get some momentum going again. So we asked our coaches and health experts to suggest simple, concrete actions that can get that positive spiral going.

We’ve put their tips together in this Mid-Year Reset for Busy People checklist. It follows our Wellbeing BASES framework (Breathwork, Activity, Sleep, Eating right and Social connection), which might sound familiar if you’ve attended one of our wellbeing sessions.

Our suggestion: choose one “base” to focus on for the next three weeks. After that, revisit the list and choose your new strategy for the following three weeks.

Mid-Year Reset for Busy People: Micro-strategies to recharge your mind and body

Work on your wellbeing BASES to boost your energy with techniques that don’t require much extra time. 

Choose ONE of these to focus on for the next THREE weeks. That should be enough to trigger some healthy momentum. 

If you’re a wellbeing champion in your organisation (officially or unofficially), turn this into a mid-year team challenge!


Reduce anxiety and stress with the physiological sigh, as explained here by Dr. Andrew Huberman (2.5 minute video)


Do one thing daily – no matter how small – to get more NEAT into your day (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, aka. incidental movement). NEAT increases your metabolism and helps stabilise your blood sugar (and hence energy) levels. It can be using a standing desk, taking a call while walking, getting out of the bus or subway one station early, or taking the stairs.


Expose yourself to morning light to sleep better at night. Yes, that’s right. There’s growing evidence that getting direct daylight early in the day helps reset your internal body clock so when night falls, your body will be ready for a good snooze.

Eating right:

Say no to naked carbs. If you’re gonna have simple carbs (whether it’s a fruit juice, bread or noodles) dress them up with either protein or healthy fats to soften the ensuing blood-sugar peak and crash, and to keep you feeling satiated for longer.

Social connection:

Say “no” to social activities that drain you. If you’re falling into the trap of saying yes to social activities that bust, rather than boost, your energy, you might need to practice your no-saying skills. One tip you can try: say “No, thank you” or “No, maybe next time” without giving an explanation. 

Wellbeing hacks that actually work for busy people are what we specialise in. We help people with full-on lives and jobs at Fortune 500 companies make noticeable improvements in their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and become agents of positive change in their workplace. If this sounds like something your team or organisation could use, let’s talk!

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