Urban Hatch rebrands corporate unit to Moments that Matter

Urban Hatch launches Moments that Matter sub-brand to help more companies in APAC level up their employee wellbeing

  • Corporate firms are shifting away from blanket wellbeing initiatives towards strategic, targeted employee support programmes
  • To help them in this mission, Urban Hatch is creating a dedicated sub-brand for its corporate programmes unit, after four years running successful programmes at several Global 500 firms
  • With new offerings and expansion plans, Moments that Matter by Urban Hatch wants to help more workplaces introduce targeted initiatives for people navigating expectancy, parenthood, midlife shifts, caregiving and other life transitions



Urban Hatch is rebranding the corporate arm of its business to Moments that Matter to help more companies level up their employee support programmes across APAC – a region where burnout rates are higher than the global average1.

Born as a parental support provider for families, Urban Hatch launched its first corporate programmes in 2019. Since then, the firm has provided awareness raising and coaching programmes to a growing portfolio of Fortune 500 and Global 500 clients in APAC.

Their corporate offering has grown beyond the parental support space into other areas of employee wellbeing. To reflect this growth and make room for more, its B2B unit will now operate under the Moments that Matter sub-brand, dedicated to helping workplaces support their people in life’s big moments: from expectancy and parenthood to (peri)menopause, personal crises, caregiving and more. 

This focus on targeted, inclusive programmes addresses a growing need to seal lingering gaps in employee support. In recent studies, 3 in 4 working fathers2 and 88% of menopausal women3 said they would like to see better workplace support for their challenges. 

Urban Hatch Founder Sofie Jacobs explains the brand’s mission: “The employee wellbeing space isn’t just booming, it’s shapeshifting. Blanket wellness initiatives designed to tick the box are no longer enough. With Moments that Matter, we want to help workplaces create more powerful programmes that resonate with the unique realities of people operating in high-stress environments. For us, this means equipping them with actionable tools, building critical soft skills such as empathy, crafting culturally nuanced content, and above all offering targeted support for specific cohorts that face unique challenges – whether that’s caregivers, parents, leaders or people navigating midlife shifts.”

The rebrand comes with plans to expand Moments that Matter’s market reach within the APAC region and beyond and with the launch of new offerings, delivered live and on-demand. 


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Download the Press Release here (PDF) 

Sofie Jacobs
Sofie created Moments that Matter by Urban Hatch to help workplaces support their people in life’s big moments, drawing from her experience in corporate wellbeing and healthcare. She consults leaders and stakeholders on strategy and programming, and facilitates sessions that fall within her area of specialisation as a women’s health practitioner and parental transitions expert.